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VR – or Virtual Reality – means a computerized environment or projection which you can experience visually and mentally but is not physical.

360 VR Tours for Designers, Architects and Property Marketers

What is a 360 VR Tour?

VR – or Virtual Reality – means a computerized environment or projection which you can experience visually and mentally but is not physical. It is a virtual experience which you can observe and interact with, but cannot touch.

A VR tour transports people to a virtually created space as if they were there. These can be of spaces that are already built, or they can be of spaces as they are designed to be. View3D create high quality VR tours that enable people to look around a space from all perspectives, thus making these 360 VR tours.

How to make a 360 VR Tour.

A 360 VR tour of a space that already exists can be created using panoramic images taken throughout a space and then stitching these together to create a immersive experience. View3D use state of the art 3D cameras to do this.  For examples of these tours, go to our 3D Virtual Tour Page. There you will find a range of spaces including a 360 VR house like those used by estate agents.

Increasingly popular is using 360 VR tours of spaces that do not yet exist. These are powerful tools for architects and designers to present their creations to potential buyers. In addition, property developers and marketers find these tools incredibly beneficial for securing investors and sales for properties that are not yet built. For spaces yet to be created, we use a range of VR tour software programmes to create our tours. The specifications from the client will determine the technology used; depending on the level of quality interactivity required.

What benefits are there for using 360 VR Tours?

Instant Engagement: The technology for VR is still relatively new and transporting people somewhere else virtually gets them hooked! They are instantly impressed as they explore the space. Not just instantly engaging, but also enduring in their memory. 

The user is in control: Flat images can only offer so much, and videos control what the user sees. A 360VR puts the user in control to move around and explore a space as they wish. Users love engaging with these experiences. 

Give a better visual to prospective clients: As mentioned, photos and videos can only give so much. Share with them what a space actually/or will actually look like so they KNOW what to expect. Investors want to know where they are spending their money, and the more you can show them the greater the chance of investing… and this applies for potential clients in hotels, restaurants, home buyers, schools etc!

360 VR Tours [OC] View 3D
360 VR Tours [OC] View 3D

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