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View3D create high quality 3D floorplans to enable estate agents and developers to more effectively market their properties in an increasingly competitive industry.

Capture clients’ attention by using 3D floor plans

What is a 3D Floor Plan?

Whether for a home or a commercial property, floor plans are a crucial resource to show potential buyers and clients the layout and flow of a building. Traditionally these are presented as 2D drawings.

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 Transforming these documents into colourful 3D floor plans helps to portray a space and its flow in a more dynamic and captivating way.

These can show just the walls, windows and doorways, or they can include furniture, plants and additional features of the home. This ensures that a property is presented in the best way possible and that potential buyers have an easier job visualising the space.

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How to make or convert a floor plan to 3D

Whether you already have 2D floor plans, or no floor plans, we can create 3D floor plans for your projects. If you do not already have measured data, we will send one of our team to capture the data required. If you already have 2D floor plans, we can transform these from 2D to 3D floor plans.  

We use a range of 3D Floor Plan software including 3Ds Max, Sketchup and AutoCAD. This means we can provide 3D floor plans ranging from basic to premium depending on your requirements.

Property Marketers: Alongside other services that View3D provide – such as 3D Virtual Tours and CGI rendering – 3D Floor plans help perspective buyers visualise a space and its flow. This drives higher quality face to face viewings of properties, ensuring that those who do view, have a genuine interest in making a purchase.

Developers: Allowing property developers to present proposed changes to a space prior to starting work. These have a powerful impact and lead to increases in successful planning applications.

Interior Design Teams: We can create 3D Floor plans that capture a design team’s theme for a space. Our floor plans can include furniture, house plants and additional special features. Presenting clients with proposed changes using a 3D floor plan can help them to grasp the design team’s vision, and more importantly, win the approval needed.

3D Floor Plans [OC] View 3D
3D Floor Plans [OC] View 3D

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