3D Measured Surveys

A 3D measured survey is a process that involves the taking of exact measurements of buildings, structures and sites in order to produce very accurate data that can then be used to represent the project on a reduced scale.

89% agree that reality capture is the future of AEC


We are more then a virtual tour provider. Using state of the art 3D scanning, we can capture internal spaces quickly and accurately with a high degree of accuracy

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Why use a 3D measured survey?


Our surveys capture an accurate 3D point cloud model which can then be used to start building your designs in REVIT, AutoCAD and BIM software.

Hard-to-get measurements

We specialise in capturing complex spaces like plant rooms and confined areas. We can easily take measurements in difficult to access areas such as around pipes, trusses, and ceiling beams, with a high degree of accuracy.


Accurately measuring an existing building can be time consuming and difficult. Traditional measuring processes are either slow and inaccurate or on the other end highly expensive. View3D can reduce costs and help save your most precious commodity — your time. Using state of the art 3D scanning, we can capture large internal spaces quickly, accurately and affordably.

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3D Measured Survey View 3D