Find out how professional 3D virtual tours do a fantastic job of marketing wedding venues and healthcare facilities right through to retail outlets, commercial space, and more.

3D virtual tours = 95% higher conversion rates

Welcome to the future of virtual tours

View3D’s service uses the very latest spatial imaging technology to bring our clients’ venues and spaces to life in vivid 3D without the need for glasses or a Google Cardboard VR headset.

Take a look at the virtual tour we recently created of Sheffield Cathedral on the right.

Click on the image and, with the left mouse-button held down, drag your mouse from left to right and then from up to down.

Now, let your left mouse-button go. Move your cursor to anywhere you want see more of in the Cathedral. Click the left mouse-button again and you move smoothly and effortlessly from where you are now to where you want to see.

Now, anyone around the world can take a full tour of Sheffield Cathedral thanks to this technology.


As you can see, it works just like Google Street View but our services allows you to offer your visitors a lot more detail. Take a look for the circles on poles in the video – they are “interactive information points”.
Using these circles, you can share the information you want to share with your visitors. You can embed documents, photos, a link to your social media accounts, user manuals, donation pages, galleries, menus, booking pages, rate cards, and more.

You can even embed videos – click on the green circle at the entrance to the Cathedral to see an embedded aerial drone video. Now, look towards the bottom of the image.

The first symbol you see to the right of the Play button takes you on the “Dollshouse” 360o virtual tour view. Click on that symbol to fly out of the Cathedral and you can see the full layout of the venue.

The second symbol shows you the floorplan and the third allows you to switch between floors. The fourth symbol even allows visitors to take measurements from one location to another. The technology and the process behind a professional virtual 3D tour is state of the art and impressive. But is it worth investing in for your site?

3D Virtual Tours [OC] View 3D
3D Virtual Tours [OC] View 3D
3D Virtual Tours [OC] View 3D

Do interactive 3D property tour videos convert?

Yes. There are years of statistics which confirm that a quality 3D tour generates a return on investment (in some cases, in as little as four weeks).

Planet Home’s survey confirmed that, if a company’s website has a 3D tour on it, visitors will stay 5 to 10 times longer.

18-34 year old clients are 130% more likely to book if there is a virtual tour on a site.

Three quarters of visitors consider virtual tours as one of the main drivers behind their eventual decision to purchase a particular product or service.

For estate agents, listings with a virtual tour get 87% more views and result in 40% fewer wasted viewings.
For the hospitality sector, the presence of an online virtual tour increases booking reservations from 16% to 67%.
And, finally, websites feature a virtual tour are listed higher in Google.

The case for investing in virtual tours is clear. For more information on 3D virtual tours for your business or organisation, please click here to email us or call our marketing team on 07483846035

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3D Virtual Tours [OC] View 3D

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From 3D virtual tours to schematic floor plans and drone photography, our technology allows you to showcase your present and future space to clients and customers anytime and anywhere.

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