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Drones and high-resolution cameras can help to build high-resolution, centimetre-accurate 3D and 2D maps and models.

Here's How Drone Mapping Can Help You!

What Is Drone Mapping?

Drone mapping is an aerial survey conducted by a drone and specialist cameras, which can include RGB (for photogrammetry), multispectral, thermal or LiDAR sensors. 

This method enables the collection of highly-accurate data, extremely quickly. In fact, one piece of analysis showed that drone mapping collects data in excess of 90% faster than manual methods.

Drone Mapping UK [OC] View 3DIt is also a safer way of gathering data: No longer do you need to have staff walking over dangerous terrain or working at height – the drone can do it for you.

This data can be processed through drone mapping software to create a range of assets, such as 3D models, 2D maps, and digital elevation models, which can be used to extract valuable information like highly-accurate measurements and volumetric calculations.

This information helps with informed decision-making, provides valuable insights – including identifying mistakes or problems and, keeping up to date with the progress of a project – and streamlines effective communication with colleagues, stakeholders and the community.

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Drone Mapping to suit your wants and needs

Two of the most common types of drone mapping methods are photogrammetry and LiDAR.


The art of capturing high-resolution photographs to recreate a survey area. These images are processed and stitched together using sophisticated software to create realistic, geo-referenced, and measurable 3D models of the real world, as well as 2D maps.


Works by sending pulses of light to the earth’s surface or a feature on it and measuring the time it takes to reflect back. LiDAR is particularly effective for detecting small objects during drone mapping, such as powerlines.

Drone Mapping UK [OC] View 3D
Drone Mapping UK [OC] View 3D

2D Orthomosaic Drone Maps

A 2D orthomosaic is a top-down map of a survey site, or asset, built by stitching hundreds or thousands of digital photos – collected by the drone – together.

Drones and high-resolution cameras can help to build detailed, centimetre-accurate georeferenced maps.These maps and pictures provide a real-world view, helping rapid decision-making and analysis of how a project is progressing.

3D Point Clouds

A point cloud dataset is a digital representation of the survey area or object. It is made up of thousands of points, with each being a geometric coordinate. When combined, they build a fleshed out 3D model. The more points collected, the denser the model.

Point clouds can provide a wealth of information, such as observations and measurements about an object’s depth, elevation, geometry, and location in space.

3D Mesh Maps

A 3D mesh is the evolution of a point cloud. Small triangles are created between the points and mapping software creates a texture to build a 3D mesh or model.

3D models are a great visual asset and are ideal for project monitoring and progress. 

Drone Mapping UK [OC] View 3D
Drone Mapping UK [OC] View 3D

Drone Thermal Mapping

A thermal drone survey can identify abnormal heat signatures – which can be missed with the naked eye. Thermal drone mapping can help identify heat loss, water leaks, or electrical faults.

Multispectral Mapping

Drone mapping can generate vegetation indices to help visualise and understand crop health; orthomosaic maps can be created to monitor the evolution of crops; and fertiliser strategies can be formulated to improve overall productivity.

Drone Mapping UK [OC] View 3D

Drone Mapping UK

Every job is different and unique. We take the time needed to understand your requirements in full so that we can provide you with a bespoke written quote for your job.

When you decide to proceed, we’ll then agree on the best day and time to carry out the work; however this may be affected, on some occasions, by weather conditions.

Upon arrival, we’ll carry out a risk assessment and then start the flight. If you wish to monitor our work when it’s in progress, you’ll be able to see live images on our client laptop or tablet.

Back at View3D’s offices, we’ll then edit the surveys and the data to meet your requirements. When payment for the work is made, we’ll provide the images and data you’ve ordered via a secure download portal.

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