Fully Licensed Drone Services UK

We offer high resolution imagery, video, and aerial surveys to construction firms, event organisers, estate agents, architects, businesses, consumers, and the public sector across mainland Britain.

Civil Aviation Authority-approved pilots using the latest drone technology.

Great quality aerial photography, aerial filming, drone surveys, and more

View 3D offers a comprehensive range of drone services to a wide variety of clients across the UK.

Whether you need an aerial survey to check on the condition of PV solar panels on your roof or you want the most eye-catching HD-quality photography and video of your wedding day that you can treasure forever, please contact us.

Our skilled and experienced drone pilots use the very latest camera and detection technology mounted to state of the art unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drone Services UK [OC] View 3D

This means that you can be assured of receiving the highest quality aerial shots, aerial footage, and data for your project.

To find out more about our services ranging from night-time drone filming to aerial thermography, please click here to email us or call our marketing team on 07483846036

Range Of Drone Services

Drone Photography

Find out more about our range of drone photography services and the accurate, reliable, and high quality aerial imagery and data our experienced team delivers to clients.

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Drone Videography

Indoors or outdoors, in daytime or at night-time, we capture the high definition drone footage you need to create stunning promotional video for you and your clients.

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Drone Services UK [OC] View 3D
Drone Services UK [OC] View 3D

Drone Surveying

Our drones reach your hard-to-access assets and infrastructure quickly & safely capturing better and more useful imagery, video, and data than using traditional methods.

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Drone Mapping

We can create DSMs, DTMS, orthomosaic mapping, and 3D textured meshes from use on your project or we can provide you with images only for use in your own software.

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Drone Inspection

Use our state of the art unmanned aerial vehicles for visible condition monitoring, thermal inspections, pollution risk reviews, and more in hazardous & complex environments.

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CAA-approved drone pilots

The pilots selected by View3D to work on your project have full approval and a licence from the Civil Aviation Authority to provide commercial operations to clients in day or at night.

Using the very latest unmanned aerial vehicles under the control of some of Britain’s most experienced drone pilots, the pilots’ enhanced licences allow them to fly, land, and take-off much close to people, properties, vehicles, or vessels which we have no control over than most other operators.

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For clients wanting stunning aerial footage for their corporate videos to experienced film & TV crews, we assist with projects large and small. Our video services team can shoot for rushes or can create the final film – let us know what you want.

We use the latest infra-red aerial thermographic imaging inspection technology on agriculture management surveys, land surveys, solar panel maintenance, infra-structure projects, and more. All work undertaken is carried out by certified thermographers.

Benefit from our expertise and experience in high-definition drone photography, video, and surveys. We work on large projects like whole property portfolios and office blocks to more specialist projects including gutter, chimney, and roof inspections.

We deploy state of the art thermal infrared, VARI, and NDVI technology to generate the thermal imagery, video, and imagery you need to evaluate whether you’re currently taking full advantage of precision farming techniques for your livestock and crops.

Use our drone thermal imaging service to create image maps of electrical overloads, thermal bridging/wall insulation failures, flat roof damage, and more. We can also inspect thermal insulation efficiency, roof water ingress, and PV solar panel condition.

Using the latest drone hardware and modelling software, View3D creates professional 2D and 3D image maps and models for clients. We can be onsite with you normally within 10 working days with results delivered back to you between 5-7 working days later.

Millions of PV solar panels on British homes, commercial buildings, and farms do not receive the regular and necessary maintenance they need. View3D’s drone inspection service helps maintain overall solar panel efficiency and reduces the risk of fire.

Immortalise your special day with stunning drone photography and film. Film is shot and edited to the highest standards of video production. We can provide traditional as well as drone photography or work alongside your chosen wedding photographer.

Dispense with scaffolding or lifting equipment to reach your roof and other inaccessible areas of your properties. We can work with your onsite staff to provide them with thermal infrared formats, video, and photos they need for inspection purposes.

We can apply precise photogrammetry techniques to build three-dimensional models and maps for your project by blending high definition imagery taken by our drones with GIS information to create 1cm survey-grade GCPs for mapping and GIS overlays.

For estate agents, architects, or developers, showcase your properties from a truly unique perspective with the highest quality aerial filming. We have provided drone video and photography for industrial estates, high-value domestic property, and more.

Our drones capture stunning HD imagery and video at night and in very low light situations thanks to the very high standard of the camera technology we use, the skill of our operators, and the power of the lenses used when on night work assignments.

Working with View3D’s experienced drone pilots

We’ve had the pleasure of working with clients across many different industries on a variety of projects and we’d appreciate the opportunity to find out more about your company and how we can help.

To find out more about our professional service, please click here to email us or call our marketing team on 07483846036

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