3D Virtual Tours for Education

Selecting the right educational setting for a child is a huge decision. From the youngest years in nursery, through junior and senior school, and then onto higher education in colleges, sixth forms, and universities, the importance of selecting the right place only increases. Virtual tours for schools allow institutions to open their doors for prospective students and their parents/guardians. Because our tours are 3D, they give the prospective student the ability to move through the space as if they were there. We use virtual tour technology that enables us to fill our tours with text, images, videos, and weblinks. This means that our 360 virtual tours can include text about a school’s values, images of recent events, videos of staff introducing themselves, and links to OFSTED reports and reviews. Infact, we transform a tour into an interactive prospectus.


In addition, many educational institutions have facilities that are available for hire (for weddings, business conferences, and research). A 3D virtual tour can be a powerful marketing tool for potential clients to explore a space, see the facilities, and learn more about the packages available.

Some of our Education 3D Virtual Tours