No matter what business you are in, you will have competition. To stand out from your competitors you must be able to offer a superb online experience to visitors to your site. One great way to do this is to offer a 360 virtual tour.

A 360 Virtual Tour Can Enhance Your Business

360 Virtual tour enhances your business


No matter what business you are in, you will have competition. To stand out from your competitors you must be able to offer a superb online experience to visitors to your site. One great way to do this is to offer a 360 virtual tour. These virtual tours are becoming hugely popular, especially since the emergence of COVID 19.

In this article, you can learn more about 360 virtual tours, how they can help your business grow, and why a Matterport service is the best choice for this service.



Osborn 4 Brain Injury Rehabilitation 360 Virtual Tour
A Healthcare 360 Virtual Tour in Sheffield

A 360 virtual tour means creating a video walkthrough of the internal space of any type of property. For example, this could include houses, hotels, or gyms.

This fantastic innovation allows you to connect with your customers in the virtual world. Following the outbreak of COVID 19, there is an increasing need to do more online. Doing more online makes it easier for everyone to maintain social distancing.

A growing trend that many businesses are utilizing is adding a virtual tour to their website.



360 Virtual tours provide great marketing benefits
360 Virtual Tours can increase website engagement by 500%

Most people these days will go online before making a decision about whether or not to use your business. Customers do this as they want to get an understanding of what you are offering, if you are trustworthy, and to see more detail about your company.

Visual aids are essential to building that trust. A video tour on your site can be the extra content that helps you secure that customer’s trust. Here are the main benefits –

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING. Doing more online means less face to face visits. This helps keep you and your staff safer.
  • COST-SAVING. With less face to face contact, you can save money with reduced traveling.
  • TRANSPARENCY. Build more trust with your customers by letting them see behind the scenes of your business.
  • BOOST YOUR WEBSITE RANKING. Search engines look favourably on sites with a virtual tour include. Boost your site by adding one plus data shows customers interact more on a site including a 360 virtual tour. This can help boost sales and site traffic.
  • EFFICIENCY. Using a virtual tour can help streamline your business. You will benefit as multiple customers can view the site at once which means you can cut down on in-person meetings.


Nearly all businesses would benefit by adding a 360 virtual tour onto their website. Examples of industries that could benefit are:

There are so many possible uses of this amazing technology that it is not possible to list them all. However, in the next section, you can learn about 6 examples of how different industries could use this technology to their advantage.





A video tour of properties that are available to buy or rent is a great way for estate agents to boost sales. The reason it works so well is that it allows multiple customers to view a property at once, from the comfort of their own home. Doing it this way means face to face viewings only need to be arranged with parties that have a serious intent to complete.


The hospitality industry includes a wide range of businesses such as hotels, bars, and restaurants. Businesses large and small are benefitting by allowing potential customers to get an in-depth view of their facilities prior to visiting or booking. Customers that can see the venue in detail are more likely to use your facility as they have confidence it meets their requirements.


Construction companies can use virtual tours to promote their work. A great way of doing this is by adding tours of projects they have completed or of any workshops they use. Allowing potential customers visibility of their work or workplace can build confidence that in turn will lead to more customers.


In the corporate world, it is always vital to show the best of your business. This will help attract the best customers but also the best employees. Showcasing your business with a virtual tour can help show potential employees why working for you is a great choice. In a competitive business world, any advantage you can get is worth taking.


COVID 19 has decimated retailers. Understandably shoppers are nervous about returning to physical shops. Adding a virtual tour can be a great way of showing your customers that your store is safe. You could highlight routes around the store that ensure social distancing is always maintained.

Allowing customers to see your shop before visiting not only helps them feel safer but can also boost your brand awareness thanks to promoting your store safety.


If you own a gym, then adding a virtual tour to your website is a must. The benefit to you is that your customers can see that social distancing can be maintained while working out. Potential customers can also see the fantastic array of equipment your gym has to offer. This can help boost membership as customers can see your gym is right for them.


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Alec Carr creating a 360 Virtual Tour for a school
Alec Carr one of our directors on-site creating a 360 Virtual Tour

We are a professional Matterport service provider in the UK. We offer a professional, friendly, and reliable service based out of Yorkshire and the United Kingdom.

Adding a 3D virtual experience to your website can help you stand out from your competitors. Visitors to your site can enjoy an immersive 3D experience that is far superior to viewing still photos.

A quick summary of the benefits of a virtual tour are –

  • Increase site traffic
  • Boost sales
  • Visitors to site stay longer
  • Interact with more customers at once
  • Safer for your staff due to less face to face interactions

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