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We provide designers, planners, architects, developers, and property professionals with 3D models, sections, reports, elevations, and plans to the highest quality.

82% agree that a 3D walkthrough demonstrates job site status better!

Why choose a 3D measured survey?

A traditional measured survey is a comprehensive survey of a building (and its surrounds) undertaken prior to the creation of detailed design drawings for a future building project.

The level of detail recorded on measured building surveys can range from basic (level changes, windows, doors, walls, and son on) to complex (including plumbing schematics, electrical layouts, and so on).

Measured Survey [OC] View 3D
Measured Survey [OC] View 3D

Standard measured surveys require one or more chartered surveyors to visit a target building with an array of equipment so that they can produce scaled, highly accurate drawings of buildings (and their surrounds) their clients need.

The building’s details are fed into a computer-aided design (CAD) program and then rendered into drawings of sections, elevations, and internal floor plans.

Traditional measured surveys cost a lot of money, take a lot of time, and are often inaccurate.

In recent years, 3D measured surveys have grown in popularity among designers, planners, architects, developers, the construction industry, and property professionals.

The state of the art equipment we use on the 3D measured surveys we conduct for clients collects millions of different data points about a building and its environment.

3D measuring survey equipment is also reflectorless meaning that it can take measurements from hundreds of metres away without needing to access target areas eliminating the need in most cases for access platforms.

This wealth of data can then be manipulated to create 3D flythroughs, desk layouts, floor plans, room elevations, ceiling plans, and more – all within acceptable accuracy tolerances.

Measured Survey [OC] View 3D

The laser scanners we use collect enough data to produce a wide variety of BIM models depending on the level of detailing you or your client requires. The data can also be used on Revit models to generate floor plans, internal and external elevations, roof plans, and more.

If a client’s requirements change during the project, the data we collected on the original survey can be re-extracted and interrogated without the need to revisit the site.

Our scanners also capture photography of the building and its environment which you can use to create 3D representations of the particular space when we’re undertaking a survey.

Our measured building survey service.

First, please get in touch with us by phone or email – we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Following a conversation with you, we’ll then quote you a fixed price and provide you with dates on which we can perform the survey together with likely project completion dates.

In a hurry? Please let us know when you get in touch.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the results we provide you with and we’re happy to provide unlimited initial revisions on your project.

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Our consultancy services

Our clients benefit from highly detailed and accurate internal, external, elevation, and section plans. And our 3D measured surveys are cheaper, faster, and less intrusive than traditional methods.

Our detailed and accurate 3D survey data can be inputted directly into BIM modelling software allowing for greater collaboration and better project management between you and your clients.

You and your clients can log into a point cloud with a unique password to access your project online. We can upload your project as data only or allow you to add annotations and take measurements.

3D surveys provides conclusive and accurate information on how access to light is affected by a new development. Disputes over right to light delay more developments in the UK than any other issue.

Obtain accurate data on Gross Internal, Gross External, and Net Internal area to comply with the RICS Code of Measurement Practice and International Property Measurement Standards.

Use 3D surveys to gather accurate data on complex façade elevations. The data we collect can then be processed to various depths to create façade drawings of differing levels of detail depending on use.

Our 3D laser scanners, photography equipment, and modelling technology record to the highest level of detail historic building specification used by conservation organisations and construction firms.

Compiled in accordance with Land Registry and Ordinance Survey guidelines on individual buildings and the specified areas within, use our lease plans to demark existing usage rights for lessees.


Benefits of 3D measured building surveys

Competitive pricing

Our 3D measured survey project team can offer its services to you at a much lower cost than a 2D survey. This is possible because it takes us much less time to complete the work. In addition, there is minimal disruption to client’s operations when we’re at their site.

Detailed documentation

Our 3D scanners records millions of data points meaning that we capture detail in much greater depth than with a 2D survey. This allows your clients to visit sites online and remotely using either immersive 360o image viewers or with an interactive virtual walkthrough.

Measured Survey [OC] View 3D

Rapid, hard-to-get data

On most building projects, we understand that time is of the essence. Compared with traditional labour intensive 2D surveys requiring multiple staff and high labour costs, hard-to-obtain data can be gathered in a very short timescale with the latest 3D measured survey technology we use.

Reduced HSE risk

Standard measured building surveys may put your staff at risk if the area they need to scan and map is hard-to-reach or hazardous. Our 3D technology allows our team to scan and map environments without the need to be physically at the target area saving you time and money.

Measured Survey [OC] View 3DPrevent overrunning costs

Without the detailed data provided by a 3D measured survey, increased project costs are likely. Your construction contractor will use your architect’s proposed drawings to quote you and, if their drawings are inaccurate, you may waste money on non-returnable materials you never needed.

Prevent project delays

With a 3D measured survey, your architect will have what they need to create blueprints free from common drawing errors. This means that the timetable set out by contractors to complete the project will be more likely to be met and their labour and material quotes far more accurate.

Planning permission issues

Architect drawing errors may mean that an extension is built further into a garden or a loft conversion is pitched higher than set out in the blueprints submitted during planning permission. 3D surveys offer much higher protection against liability for future costs associated with alteration or demolition.Measured Survey [OC] View 3D

Quality of life issues

On residential building projects, clients may have to live away from home in smaller temporary accommodation while construction work is being carried out. Every delay to the completion of a project not only adds further costs but it affects the quality of client’s lives and relationships.

3D Measured Survey Facts

View3D measured surveys are priced to be competitive and we’re confident that you won’t find a more cost effective solution than ours.

Architects and designers use 3D surveys to accurately plan layouts and building contractors also need them so that they can estimate the man-hours and materials needed for your project.

A measured survey increases the likelihood of the finished building meeting planning conditions and reduces the chance of spiralling costs and unnecessary delays in completion.

We provide 3D measured surveys to clients across mainland Britain.

Depending on the level of demand, we should be able to carry out your site visit within 10 working days.

We can then usually provide you with the data and accurate drawings you require within 5-7 working days however, on larger projects, this may take longer. We’ll advise you on likely timescales when you get in touch with us.

Yes – surveying the land around your building is necessary on many projects and we can carry this out for you.

Many clients also book a topographical survey at the same time as their 3D measured survey – please ask us for more information.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to be involved at all stages of your project including pre-planning.

View3D has provided 3D measured building surveys to clients across many different types of project.

This means that we’re normally able to provide you with advice and guidance on your project depending on what it is you want to build.

Contact the 3D measured survey team at View 3D

View3D provides measured building surveys to designers, planners, architects, developers, the construction industry, and property professionals across mainland Britain.

To work with the leading 3D survey company in the UK, please click here to email us or call our marketing team on 07483846035

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