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When a construction project is completed, the handover to the client is often rushed. By creating an interactive virtual handover of the site, you can ensure they and their operations team are prepared to use their building to its potential.

95% of our customers agree Virtual Handovers enhances the project handover process


Transition from Construction to Occupation the right way with our industry leading virtual handover, powered by 3D Virtual Tour technology

We work with Main Contractors and Clients to ensure the handover and occupation of your building is seamless. We create a 3D virtual twin of your building and provide the users with the information they need to successfully occupy and operate the building to its optimal performance.

An example Interactive Virtual Handover with clickable user manuals, guides and certificates

Why use a virtual project handover?

We use state of the art 3D imaging technology to capture interior spaces in 4K definition. The virtual twin model can be explored by users before they occupy the building. A Doll’s House view allows you to see the building from all angles.

We create tutorial videos to aid with your handover into the building. The tutorial videos will help the building users operate the lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, audio visual equipment amongst other items. The facilities management team will also have tutorials on how to operate and maintain the more technical systems and equipment within the building.

Project Handover [OC] View 3D
Project Handover [OC] View 3D

Embed tutorial videos directly into the virtual twin as interactive information points. Users can virtually walk through the building and learn how to operate it from the wealth of information provided. Additional text, images, documents and links can be included such as technical specifications, certificates, manuals and literature.

A virtual handover allows your users to seamlessly operate the building. Whether they are permanent occupiers, visitors or part of the operational maintenance teams, a virtual soft landing allows you to occupy and achieve optimal performance.

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