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Topographical surveys for commercial property owners, retailers, utility companies, estate managers, developers, architects, and homeowners.

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Topographical surveys from View3D

Land owners, designers, architects, estate managers, developers, public sector organisations, and utility companies rely on topographical surveys to reduce the likelihood of making expensive errors, to mitigate risk, and to prevent future setbacks on their projects.

Topographical surveys gather the important spatial information required on a particular site earmarked for development as well as documenting both its natural and man-made features.

Topographical Survey [OC] View 3D
Topographical Survey [OC] View 3D

With this information, accurate site visualisations can be produced and the design teams and other stakeholders working on a project can integrate this data into their live work.

Initially, we use total stations, GPS units, and reflective prisms to measure client sites a point at a time and to help determine the exact positions of boundaries, roads, and new buildings.

We also use laser scanners which allow for the creation of highly accurate CAD drawings and scaled 3D drawings to give clients a full overview of the project site and its features.

Whatever your project, please get in touch with us to share the details of what you need us to do.

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How is my topographical survey delivered?

Topographical survey technology has significantly improved in recent years – our land survey teams use the latest highly specialised survey equipment and software to achieve the best results for clients.

Although many clients still want to have paper copies of their topographical drawings (normally sent as a PDF), the drawings we create for clients are produced using the latest computer aided design (CAD) software.

We can deliver results to you in many soft copy formats including dxf, .dwg, or .pdf – just let us know what you need.

You can also use the data we provide for BIM models, DTM, augmented/virtual reality applications, and in Revit format.

Types of project our topographical surveyors have worked on

From working with commercial property owners on the resurfacing and redesign of their car parks to providing the data needed for contractors to start work on a project, our land survey teams have created high quality topographical survey needed for a variety of clients on many different types of project.

We’ve worked with developers on designing layouts for new residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed use estates including drainage runs and new roads. We’ve helped developers understand and solve difficult standing and pooling water issues on low lying and hard standing ground.

Topographical Survey [OC] View 3D

As well as developers, we’ve helped homeowners gain the planning permission they need for stand-alone buildings within their gardens as well as for large-scale home extensions.

We’ve helped utility company plan routes for their buried services and provided them with underground utility maps.

Let us know exactly what it is that you need from us when you contact us – within 24 hours, we should be able to give you a quote and, within 10 days, be on site.

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Topographic survey FAQ

We include various natural and man-made site features in the topographical surveys we create for clients.

Examples of natural topographic features include open terrain and:

  • Various land features (including depressions, natural banks, and slopes)
  • Tree positions
  • Watercourse (including ponds, streams, brooks, and lakes)
  • Bushes, vegetation, and areas of woodland

Our team also gathers data on existing buildings and other man made features including:

  • Physical boundary details (site boundaries mapped include hedges, fences, and walls)
  • Street furniture (including benches, litter bins, and signage)
  • Building footprints
  • Gardens and shrubs
  • Service cover positions
  • Roads (including white line markings, road crown lines, and tops and bottoms of kerbs)
  • Drainage details (including gullies and manhole covers)
  • Canopies, steps, ramps, and bridges
  • Drainage ditches and bunds
  • Paths for pedestrians and bicycles (including grass verges and rough tracks)
  • General street apparatus and underground services (including traffic signals, water, gas, electric, CATV, BT and cable connections gathered through utility records data and radar tracing)
  • Ground surfaces (including grass, gravel, concrete, and tarmac with contour and height information)

We also record features adjacent to the site we’re surveying for you when requested.

Post-survey, we can overlay Ordnance Survey boundary plans, Land Registry plans, and aerial photography as well as general site features, cross-sections, and GPS.

Natural and manmade features are shown as three dimensional points and lines on a scaled survey drawing.

Information on actual ground levels is provided at regular intervals on your drawing and we also provide spot levels indicating height in open areas.

Contour labels, overhead cable heights, tree canopy levels, ridge and eaves levels, and threshold levels are also including in our topographical surveys. All drawings contain annotations on boundary types, height, surface types, and other findings we make when on site.

A terrain survey is another name for a topographical survey.

For more difficult to reach areas and for large expanses of open terrain, we can mount laser scanners on drones saving clients time and money and mitigating any health and safety issues if a particular area may be hazardous.

Working with View3D’s topographical surveyors

View3D is one of the leading topographical survey providers in the UK and we work closely with a wide range of clients across the whole of mainland Britain.

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