Virtual School Tours

Give prospective students and their parents the chance to take a virtual tour of your school at any time. Virtual school tours are the ultimate immersive experience and provide parents with a unique insight into why your school is right for their children.

Offer A Guided Tour Of Your School Day And Night with a Virtual Tour

Why create a virtual school tour for your site?

You already know the power of virtual tours in education – they’re one the best teaching resources available.

At the touch of a button, your students can already take an interactive virtual tour of important landmarks like St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Jewish Museum London, and the Roman Baths in Somerset.

They can take these immersive, engaging, and enjoyable “virtual school trips” whenever they want at any time of the day and night. They’re free and they don’t involve the time, administration, or expense of an actual real-world school trip.

Virtual tours aren’t just for museums and sites of historical interest though.

Many schools are now investing in virtual school tours as competition for prospective students has increased in recent years with the other schools in their area.

Here at View3D, we’ve provided virtual school tours to over a dozen educational establishments.
But what were each of these schools looking for with their virtual tour?

Virtual tours are a great resource for prospective students' parents

For the parents of your prospective students, the decision on which school to send their child to is a decision they’ll take a lot of time over.

As part of what is often quite extensive research, parents normally want to visit each school they’re considering for their child in person. When they’re there, they’ll spend time speaking to the Head Teacher and to other important staff as well as taking a tour of the facilities.

The time parents can spend at a school on a visit is often constrained by the sheer volume of parents wanting to attend and the fact that many of these visits take place in busy teaching time.

For many parents, this is frustrating because they often believe that they couldn’t spend long enough at the school on their visit to make a decision one way or another.

An online virtual school tour however offers parents the extra time they really want but at a time of their choosing.
With a virtual tour, they can explore all of the different areas of your school from the common areas to the playing fields right down to the individual classroom in which their child may be taught.
They can discover more of what life is like within the school with a virtual tour.
You can embed extra, relevant information into your tour like student interviews, teacher interviews, Key Stage data, your OFSTED report, and even your teaching resources.
The technology is fun, intuitive, fluid, and simple for your website visitors to use.
But more than that, when parents take a virtual tour of your school, they’ll get the extra reassurance they need for their child to make a positive decision to choose your school.

Virtual School Tours [OC] View 3D
Virtual School Tours [OC] View 3D

What can you do with a school virtual tour?

Interactive virtual tour, School tours and campus tours delivered direct from your website in full 3D virtual reality without the need for 3D glasses, Oculus Quest, or Google Cardboard.

Information hot spots offer a fantastic opportunity to share relevant text, photography, and videos with parents in locations you select around your school.

Link to anywhere on your site including to the page where parents can book an educational visit to your school and to your range of educational resources.

Offer potential students and their parents an insight into life at your school by embedding interviews with current students, parents, and staff on your virtual tour.

Every school has a unique history so why not engage prospective students and their parents by adding little-known but fascinating facts into your information hot spots?

You can also ask us to film your school and campus in spectacular high definition from the air with our state-of-the-art drones. Add videos to your tour & media pages.

School Virtual Tours FAQ

Yes. We offer college and university virtual tours in addition to our schools tours.

To take a look at our online collection of education virtual tours, please click here. To view our 3D virtual tour of NMITE University, please click here.

At time of writing, there is a nationwide teacher shortage. In addition, the school population is expected to swell up until the 2023-2024 academic year.

Competition for teachers is intense particularly for schools in disadvantaged areas.

Many head teachers and governors are investing in virtual school tours to not only meet enrolment targets but also to showcase a school to prospective teachers and learning assistants.

Virtual school tours positively influence opinions of your schools among parents no matter the age groups or Key Stages you cater for.

We welcome all enquiries from primary schools.

Yes. Virtual tours work really well for educational establishments catering for early years pupils including private nurseries.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

Yes although Google Street View does not feature all of the functionality offered by the View3D service.

We’ll include any and all areas you want on your virtual school tour including playing fields, common areas, sports halls, swimming pools, and individual classrooms.

In fact, the more a parent is able to explore your school and site on a virtual tour, the better. Virtual school tours offer an opportunity to showcase your schools and present the very best of it to prospective students and their parents.

No. The View3D technology works within standard internet browsers for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

For the full virtual reality experience, our tours are compatible with selected VR headsets. We recommend Oculus Quest. We support other headsets (including Oculus Go, iPhone with Google Cardboard, and Android phones with Google Cardboard) however this may provide a less comfortable experience.

The length of time it takes to carry out and then create virtual school tours depends on the size of the building(s) and grounds to be included.

When you get in touch, please give us an idea of your premises and grounds and we’ll be able to provide you with a preliminary estimate prior to a full site survey.

When your virtual school tour is ready to be uploaded to your website, we can work with you and your web team to upload it to the site.

The controls for the View3D panel are easy to use. The closest experience most parents will have to use a system like ours is Google Street View.

Within the virtual tour window on your website, parents will be able to click on information hot spots to find out more. Within these hot spots, you can include photo galleries, text information, embedded videos, links to other parts of your website, teaching resources, and more.

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