Virtual Site Visit

We bring your project to your desk through the creation of a digital twin of your real world site. Using state of the art technology, we help you improve collaboration, increase efficiency and save you time

82% agree a 3D walkthrough is better to communicate job site status


We help you bring your job site virtually to life. We create 3D digital twins of internal buildings so you can instantly access the information you require throughout your project delivery.

Why use a Virtual Site Visit?

Confined & Restricted Spaces

We specialise in creating virtual walk-throughs for difficult and hard to access areas. Working with built environment professionals across the UK, we can provide you with a safe solution to designing, constructing and operating your buildings.

Asbestos Contaminated Areas

Working alongside the UK’s top asbestos professionals, we help reduce the effect and impact of harm from contaminated asbestos spaces. The creation of a digital twin in a contaminated building, allows professionals to eliminate their need to enter the space in person.

Project Planning

Gone are the days of taking a 1000 photos of a site and then forgetting where they relate to when viewed later. Our technology brings your site to your fingertips at any time, and anywhere. Photographic surveys, design team meetings and construction phase planning are all some of the benefits to using our virtual reality service.


Our digital twins can be used in a number of different settings during the construction phase. Adopting the in-built information points and measuring tool adds real value to your tasks.

- Remote inductions
- Virtual project progress
- Developing construction strategies
- Photographic surveys
- Remote tendering and visits
- Virtual handovers

Operation & Maintenance

A virtual twin can help you operate and maintain your buildings with increased efficiency. Allowing your operatives or subcontractors to undertake maintenance activities by planning ahead for the necessary equipment, layout and safety considerations.

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