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Virtual staging is used for both domestic and commercial properties.

What is Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a powerful tool to help property buyers visualise a property as a lived-in space. Potential buyers all too often struggle to envisage how they can utilise and change a space when looking around a property. 81% of prospects find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it is staged.

Virtual staging is used for both domestic and commercial properties.

Key Points for using Virtual Staging: 

  • Virtual staging can reduce the cost of staging by up to 97%. 
  • Staged photographs on listing websites receive more views and thus rent/sell 73% faster than non-staged competition.
  • We use the best virtual staging software for purchase which means our staged images look 100% genuine. 
  • Most people make a judgement on a property within 7-10 seconds of viewing it. Empty images won’t make as great of a first impression as staged images on listings

3D Virtual Tours combined with Virtual Staging

For the most advanced approach to virtual staging, consider incorporating staging with an interactive 3D virtual tour. View3D use state of the art technology to create 3D virtual tours which can be integrated with industry leading visual staging software. This enables potential buyers to explore a house and see it with virtual furniture and features in place.

When to use virtual staging over 3D CGI rendering?

If it’s only to fill in dull empty rooms that look drab on a property listing then virtual staging is the way to go: It’s cost-saving, much faster, and still gives a variety of options to try different interior designs for real estate. 

However, if you are after a full visual makeover of a property or the desire to get perfect marketing images for offers, it’s better to choose 3D rendering as it allows creating anything one can think of.

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